Our two-fold approach to safety includes using automation technology to protect humans and advocating safety standards within the vehicle automation industry. Through innovative hardware and software solutions, we apply multiple layers of security to ensure safe operation.


Our Commitment to Safety

While the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) reports that mining vehicle related injuries and deaths are lower than in past years, we are convinced that no number is acceptable unless it is zero. ASI is committed to further reductions in total vehicle-involved injuries and deaths across all industries.


Emergency Stop

The emergency stop, or E-Stop, is the first line of safety to protect personnel and equipment. If unmanned vehicles leave the safety area or lose signal, the e-stop override immediately applies the brake. An emergency stop can be initiated by a remote operator, an on-board safety driver, or in the command & control software.

Obstacle Detection & Avoidance

Obstacle detection sensors and software enable unmanned vehicles to identify potential hazards and safely react with see-and-stop or see-and-avoid behavior.


Choreographer & Proximity Monitor

Choreographer & Proximity Monitor

Prevent collisions and efficiently manage traffic with the Mobius™ proximity monitor and choreographer features. The proximity monitor assigns priority and slows unmanned vehicles if the system detects their paths will bring them too close. To efficiently manage traffic at intersections or merges, the choreographer uses advanced path algorithms to ensure all unmanned vehicles interact in the most productive way possible.

Safe Area Lockout

Should vehicle maintenance be required in an active autonomous environment, our lockout feature safely locks out an area of the map as needed.

Safe Area Lockout