Furthering A.I. &
Machine Learning

Convoy Obstacle Communication

Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Navigation

Using ASI’s algorithms for AI, a vehicle navigates unknown and dangerous terrain to safely arrive at its location. A vehicle uses a terrain model and a vehicle model to predict future behavior and avoid unsafe situations through the most optimal trajectory.

World Modeling

Using multiple types of exteroceptive sensors, ASI incorporates its artificial intelligence algorithms for sensor fusion to build an accurate model of the world. The world is stored in a data base that can be accessed and improved by any autonomous vehicle that enters that region.

Leader Follow Operation

ASI technology developments will allow any autonomous vehicle to accurately follow any leader – be it manned or unmanned, or even a person. Using ASI’s AI, the follower vehicle also makes appropriate adjustments to avoid obstacles and unsafe terrain.

Machine Learning

Auto Tuning

Small vehicle subsystems and higher-level systems require very specific and intentional tuning for proper performance. Research is being done at ASI which will allow vehicles to automatically improve these systems during mission execution. The vehicle monitors current behaviors against desired behaviors and automatically learns to adjust its parameters in an intelligent manner.

Obstacle Identification & Classification

Environmental sensors such as LiDAR, radar, and cameras produce data used in obstacle identification and classification. Teaching a vehicle to learn from objects and its environment is just the beginning of machine learning. ASI’s research will incorporate world modeling and object learning to pass information between vehicles, allowing for improved vehicle behavior and collaboration.

Convoy Obstacle Communication

Convoy Operations

ASI researchers are developing technology allowing convoys to learn and improve vehicle behavior as they move through terrain. Using developments in obstacle identification and classification as well as auto-tuning, convoy vehicles can learn and share information about their surroundings with one another. This allows for follower vehicles to anticipate and better react to disturbances detected by lead vehicles, such as a bumpy road. Developments in convoy path control will help keep convoy vehicles as close to the desired path as possible considering terrain and other factors making convoys a realistic solution for a variety of situations and markets.

Terrain Characterization and Predictive Obstacle Avoidance

Mobius technology provides optimal path finding through terrain characterization and predictive obstacle avoidance.

From Research
to Product

With every ASI product, leverage millions of dollars of vehicle automation research and thousands of hours of product testing in the world's most rugged environments.

Robotic Perception & Sensor Research

The expert research division at ASI specializes in advanced sensor algorithms that help robots of all sizes perceive their surroundings and react intelligently.

Research Projects
& Services

Take advantage of a highly experienced and well-equipped research staff for your robotic and sensor research needs. Outsource your research to ASI today.

Custom Projects & Engineering

Challenge our research division and engineering staff to develop a completely new vehicle automation solution to solve your productivity and safety problems.

3D Terrain Detection

3D perception & sensors

Apply advanced algorithm and sensor research to GPS-denied, terrain mapping, obstacle detection & avoidance, and other challenging robotic tasks.

Custom Engineering

Most of ASI's unmanned technologies were first developed as part of research projects or custom requests. By challenging ourselves with custom projects, we've refined a family of universal automation components and processes that can be applied to nearly any vehicle platform.

From R&D opportunities with OEM partners to automating entirely new vehicle platforms, we're always looking for ways to push the limits of our engineering and automation capabilities. Connect with us to discuss the details of your custom project idea.

Robotic Convoy Solutions

Calculated to remove soldiers from dangerous combat situations while maintaining supply chain productivity, the Guideline® Robotic Convoy System highlights our autonomous convoy technologies.

Guideline Convoy System

Training & Targeting

The most effective combat training requires crafting situations as close to reality as possible. ASI's unmanned target vehicle solutions are helping active US Air Force squadrons train better for combat.

Military Research

From Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) to partnering with tier one military primes, ASI has a successful resume of using robotics research to enhance and protect the Soldier.

Small Robotic Solutions

ASI may be known for our universal vehicle automation solutions, but the Chaos™ High Mobility Robot platform highlights our small class robot research and production capabilities.

Robotic Hardware Platforms

Our robotic platform solutions offer maximum flexibility in any industry for vesital tasks, leveraging 100s of available plug-ins.