This is how we drive.

The VCU is the key component in ASI's NAV. It is the on-board computer that receives commands from the remote operator and relays them to the vehicle, runs continual systems checks, and sends vehicle health and obstacle detection data back to the command center.

Beautiful & Powerful

ASI engineers incorporate both functionality and design in the new VCU on-board computer. The VCU's speedy processor quickly manages and monitors all of the critical vehicle systems allowing operators a real-time connection to vehicle functions and gauges. The elegant design shrinks the overall size and boosts durability over previous computer versions.


The sleek, smaller build makes our VCU small enough to fit discreetly in your vehicle.


With gigabit ethernet, CAN bus through five environment-ready ports you have the I/O you need.


The QuadCore iMX6 ARM CPU has the power to safely and accurately command your vehicle.


Our uniquely sealed board enclosure keeps mother nature out and your vehicles operational.

Upgrades Available

Starting with critical vehicle functionality in the base model, our VCU is design to accept modules that boost functionality such as obstacle detection, data collection, and more.



Upgrade a VCU with Vantage® obstacle detection and avoidance software. Vantage augments your autonomous vehicle with environmental awareness capabilities, such as sensor fusion, obstacle detection, dynamic obstacle avoidance.



Upgrade a VCU with BlackBox, a data logging solution equipped with a removable MicroSD card. BlackBox gives you the power to analyze problematic situations, reduce bottlenecks, and better assign accountability. BlackBox can log data in manned or unmanned vehicles.

The VCU has easy front panel access to all the fuses that power external sensors and components.

Fuse Access Panel

Technical Specs

Size & Weight

Small size; more power. The VCU tucks easily out of sight in most vehicles.

VCU Size Spec

3.3 lbs.

VCU Size Spec


Real-time feedback. Quick relays. Powerful solutions.

VCU Processor


Data integrity. Faster speeds. Greater reliability.

VCU Memory


(1) MicroSD slot for data logging


Green Hills Integrity


Vin 10-36 VCD; Low power bus survives cold crank voltage drops to 4.5 VDC


Operational temperature:
-40°C to 85°C
Weather sealed to IP67 spec; usable in moderate rain, snow and light dust; tested to Mil std 810G


Deutsch DT15-12 Key 1
Manual Power Bus

Deutsch DT15-12 Key 2
Auto Power Bus

Deutsch DT15-12 Key 3
Power Input / OEM Ignition

Deutsch DT15-12 Key 4
(4) High / Low side PWM Drivers, Horn, Beacon Power


Deutsch DRC22-50P
(4) CAN, (4) RS232, (2) Analog Inputs, OTG USB, (2) Quadrature Inputs, and (4) Digital Inputs


M12 (8) Pin X Coded
Gigabit Ethernet

M12 (4) Pin D Coded
10/100 Ethernet