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The Chaos Robotic Platform

The Chaos™ High Mobility Robot was designed with a unique combination of strength and agility making it one of the premier small robot platforms in the world.

The four independently rotating tracks allow Chaos to "swim" over rocks, logs, streams, and other environmental obstacles that would halt other small robots.

With speeds up to 6.5mph, a continuous load haul capacity exceeding 100lbs, and eye-popping mobility, Chaos is in a small robot class of its own.

Chaos is an ideal solution for applications like surveillance, EOD, mine exploration, hazardous material inspection, and other rugged, dangerous missions.

Mobility & Flexibility

Chaos' unique design features four (4) independently rotating track arms that can maneuver Chaos through almost any obstacle. Due to its superior mobility, Chaos has been deployed in mine exploration/inspection operations and military operations, and successfully handles rocky, snowy, wet/slippery, and brushy terrain.

Chaos Mobility

Chaos Capacity

Payload Capability

Chaos can maintain full functionality with continuous loads up to 100lbs and can retain most functionality with payloads upwards of 275lbs. In military trials, Chaos demonstrated its payload capacity by dragging "wounded" soldiers from a mock battlefield. Chaos' attachment ports can accept a variety of robotic payloads including manipulator arms, cameras, lights, and more.


Chaos' low center of gravity, high-traction tracks, and wide mass displacement make it an ideal platform for applications that require climbing grades up to 70%, and up to 40% in all types of weather or terrain conditions. The Chaos platform can also easily navigate stairs, making it an ideal choice for urban and disaster recovery deployment.

Chaos Traction

Top Speed

With a top speed of 6.5mph, Chaos outpaces other small robot platforms. Combine its speed, agility in rough terrain, exceptional payload capacity, and Chaos becomes a top choice for mining, inspection, security, and military applications.

Chaos Top Speed

Chaos Range & Battery Life

Range & Battery Life

Chaos is powered by eight (8) military grade, hot-swapable battery banks giving it 8 hours of continuous run time and a range up to 26 miles/46km. Chaos can accept commands from wifi-enabled or tethered communication systems.

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Through strength and mobility, Chaos™ High Mobility Robot is one of the premier small robot platforms in the world.

Technical Specs

Size & Weight

Chaos Extended Dimensions

Chaos Dimensions

Chaos Width & Weight

153 lbs.

69.4 kg


MPC565 Motorola 32-bit


MicroCOS real-time OS


(8) Military-Spec 56-V Lithium-ion batteries


Operational temperature:
-40°C to 85°C
Weather sealed to IP67 spec.


(8) Parker Bayside frameless torque motors


10x optical / 4x digital zoom camera


802.11 wireless networking
(for video feed)