Experience the new Mobius

The industry's most advanced unmanned command and control solution. Enjoy safer, more productive unmanned vehicle operations.


Coordinate all unmanned vehicle interactions with enhanced proximity and obstacle monitoring.


Manage autonomous vehicles more efficiently with a streamlined software design approach.


Experience maximum tasking with minimal user input through embedded artificial intelligence modules.


Connect all vehicles and users with the central Mobius Server for peak scalability.

Convert your vehicle with Nav

Our vehicle automation kit. Drive any vehicle robotically through remote control, teleop or full automation.


Maintain safe operations with more than 100 system error checks and emergency stop capability.


Reduce installation and maintenance costs with our straightforward technology design.


Endure harsh operating conditions with hardware proven in the most rugged environments in the world.


Upgrade any vehicle model to robotic control with universal automation technology.

Improve vehicle safety with Vantage®

Obstacle Detection & Avoidance System. Detect and avoid potential hazards with an advanced suite of software and sensors.

Vantage equipped vehicles see and/or react safely to potential hazards in the environment.

Start with basic automation; Upgrade when ready.


Remote Control

Remote control is the first step in the automation pathway. Using line-of-sight and a handheld remote control, operators control unmanned vehicles from a safe distance, avoiding unstable terrain, falling debris, and other hazards. R/C is a safe, low-cost entry point into vehicle automation.



Add cameras and command & control software to upgrade from remote control to teleoperation. Enjoy improved flexibility, richer feedback, and increased safety as an operator controls a single vehicle from a remote location.

Full Automation

Full Automation

Full automation is the final step in the upgrade path. Operators monitor multiple vehicles as Mobius™—ASI's server-based command & control software—handles tasking, path tracking, and critical vehicle functions. Reduce unscheduled maintenance, increase yield, and achieve economies of scale with full automation.

What industry are you interested in?



Improve site safety and eliminate costs by deploying autonomous haul trucks, ADTs, dozer, and excavators today.



Leverage farming automation technology to overcome labor shortages and create a safer, more efficient farm.



Maximize safety and repeatability with proving ground automation technology for durability and misuse testing.

Robotic Hardware Platforms

Our robotic platform solutions offer maximum flexibility in any industry for vesital tasks, leveraging 100s of available plug-ins.