Automated Drilling & Blasting

Autonomous Drilling

High Precision Drilling

Multiple drills may be operated and monitored from a Command Center remote from the bench. The holes are drilled in a pre-mapped order at the locations and depths loaded into the system. The drill is precisely guided to the proper hole coordinates for accurate hole location. Upon reaching the desired depth it retracts the drill string then jacks and propels to the next hole.

Bench Optimization

The choreography and path planning capability of Mobius allows for optimized movement of multiple drills and potentially blast trucks in a single drill bench. By coordinating vehicle movements, drill cycle time can be reduced while increasing vehicle utilization.

Autonomous Navigation

Drills are guided to hole coordinates within the drill bench using Mobius Path Planner. Mobius also allows for autonomous operation outside the drill bench. This enables autonomous navigation to other drill benches or safe zones during blasting operations.

Autonomous Blasting

Tele-Op / Semi-Autonomy

ASI’s Mobius for Blasting platform provides capability for tele-op, semi-autonomous, or fully autonomous navigation of blast vehicles including blast factory and stemming vehicles.

Payload APIs

Mobius is capable of working with various 3rd party payload providers to enable automated deployment of blast mediums and initiation systems.

Coordinated Drill & Blasting

Potential integration of blasthole characteristic data such as seam and geology aspects of each hole allow dynamic blast charging and detonation timings during the blast cycle. By dynamically tailoring the blast process based on actual, “As-Drilled” hole data, blast processes can achieve higher efficiency and increased fragmentation. The resulting benefits ultimately include less impact on excavators, crushers, grinders, and even more efficient haulage.

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Scalable Solutions For Mining

ASI systems are designed for modular, yet scalable deployment. ASI recognizes the daunting task of automating all aspects of a surface or underground mines in one step. Yet, a piecemeal approach often introduces risk of deploying independent systems which are unable to integrate later into an overall mine system.

ASI leverages its Mobius mine software to allow highly flexible, modular implementations of individual autonomy solutions, all using a common control platform. With Mobius installed as a foundation, mines can implement individual projects that can then scale into larger integrated solutions with the aim of ultimately realizing a fully autonomous, yet integrated mining operation.

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