Why the largest companies in mining, automotive, ag, cleaning, security, and military, partner with ASI

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6 Reasons Why Industry Leaders Partner With ASI

ASI is a trusted partner of Fortune 500, tier one government prime suppliers, and other leading organizations from around the world, including: Ford Motor Company, Goodyear Tires, Case New Holland, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin.

History of Thrilling Fortune 500 Companies

Leverage ASI's Core Platform Technology

Safety Is Our First Priority

Agile Product Development

100 Acre Utah Proving Ground

Flexible Partnering & Commercialization

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have found a gold mine in Utah!"
Program Manager
Northrop Grumman

“ASI is the industry-leading developer of autonomous solutions in the off-road vehicle segment and the natural choice to be one of CNH Industrial’s key technology providers."
Richard Tobin, CEO
CNH Industrial

ASI Platform Model

This model provides a low cost path to building successful independent robotics companies through leveraging proven platform building blocks, intellectual property, subject matter experts, administration overhead, and facilities.

ASI Platform

The Purpose: to provide the lowest cost path to building successful robotics companies in each industry.

IP Sharing

ASI Platform Company provides: low cost facilities & administration overhead, exclusive licensing to robotics platform building blocks, access to millions yearly in intellectual property, and subject matter experts.


Independent Entities Provide: liability isolation for member companies and partner protection against litigation, independent company structure, board of directors, and investment flexibility.

Compensation Model

ASI Market Entity pays ASI Platform Company for: overhead rate to cover facilities and SME’s employee lease, software platform license, and purchase of any desired hardware.

ASI Engineering

AGILE process


ASI uses AGILE engineering processes for both hardware and software development. Each development cycle produces a deliverable that can be demonstrated for our partners. The AGILE process encourages partner input during the demo phase ensuring we’re moving toward their goals.

Validation process


Before any solution is delivered, ASI validation engineers run it through rigorous test scenarios. Leveraging both HIL and SIL testing methodologies as well as proving it on one of our many test facilities ensures the highest quality solution is provided.

Functional Safety

Derived Standards

  • Automotive ISO 26262
  • Machinery IEC 62061, IEC 61800
  • Process Control IEC 61511
  • Nuclear IEC 61513
  • Rail EN 50126

Related Standards

  • Earth Moving Machinery ISO 13849 (uses PL not SILs calls up 61508 for S/W)
  • Agriculture ISO 25119 Not 61508. Similar to 13849 & 26262
  • Defense Def Stan 00-56 Sets goals. Developer to justify how, default assumption is 61508
  • Airborne system DO-178B Testing and documentation, mapping to SIL 1-4
  • Earth moving machinery ISO 15998 Requires SIL, calls up 61508

ASI Facility

From our Northern Utah headquarters and 100 acre proving ground in northern Utah (below), we serve clients in the mining, agriculture, automotive, government, and manufacturing industries with remote control, teleoperation, and fully autonomous solutions. Our test facility features various testing environments including test city environment, mining test track and agriculture test areas.
  • 100-Acre Test Facility
  • 24 Hour Functional Safety and Durability Testing and Support
  • Fiber Optic Connection to Customer Sites

Partnering: Your Engineering Team

Whether as an extension to your existing robotics engineering team, or in lieu of – we provide world leading engineers and researchers to create and sustain your competitive advantage. We developed several partnering models including:


Global robotics innovation continues at an exponential rate. Leverage our industry experts to ensure your engineering team has access to the latest capabilities and technologies as they’re developing. From single project collaboration to multiple year technology initiatives, we have the team – we have the solution.

Contract Outsourcing

Do you have a disruptive idea or have you found a niche market you want to exploit but do not have the people or expertise to win? We have created several liability isolated business entities staffed with experts in business strategy, marketing, sales and creative finance ready for the challenge.

Equity Ownership

When you are ready to take the partnership to the next level – we are too. We looking for long-term strategic partners for equity positions. We offer creative and flexible ownership opportunities in our industry companies to allow our partners to secure access and exclusivity to our robotics solutions.


Our robotics platform was specifically designed to allow for rapid integration into our partner’s ecosystems. Our building blocks provide rapid and robust solutions in automation from user assistance through full autonomy.

Powered by ASI

Gain instant market credibility and recognition of your robotic solution by leveraging our hardware, software and design on your vehicle platform. The co-branding of your vehicle and our automation solutions are a winning combination. Take full advantage of our extensive marketing systems and sales executives from market introduction to gaining brand insistence.

Private Labeling

Does your branding and market strategy call for your own branded robotic solution? Take full advantage of our robotic building blocks under the hood with your own unique branding and marketing. For those partners with production capacity, we offer licensing of hardware and software for integration at manufacturing. Become an instant industry leader – your secret is safe with us.

Robotics as a Service

Do you want your piece of the subscription model revolution? More and more end users are embracing the low up-front cost, reduced risk and pay as you save benefits of a RAAS solution. We work with your organization to design, build, finance and operate your own industry solution. Increase lifetime value (LTV) of your customer base and rapidly increase the industry adoption rates.

We have Autonomous Solutions to your Industry's Problems. Lets Get in Touch

Get Involved in Emerging Automated Industries

ASI Parking

ASI Parking

Parking of the future will not be done by humans. The convenient and secure way will be through automated parking technology. After leaving your car in a parking center, it will be securely stored until you're ready to pick it up and get back on your way.

Autonomous Shuttles

Autonomous Shuttles

Autonomous shuttles will be used in a wide range of applications. From urban areas to business campuses, airports, amusement parks, and more; driverless shuttles will improve the way people move around these types of areas. Find out how you can be a part of this endeavor.

ASI Mowing

ASI Mowing

ASI mowing as a service will bring efficiency and simplicity to a field near you. Task an automated mower to a field and get the job done. Join with ASI to provide this service to agencies and organizations around the globe.

Robotic Services

Robotic Services

RaaS allows businesses of any size to focus exclusively on their core competency, outsourcing or subcontracting all but the most critical endeavors to a RaaS provider that utilizes best practices for that specific niche.


ASI is committed to providing fast and effective support to all of our partners. Our dedicated staff is an experienced resource for any hardware and software issues you might encounter.

Each of our partners receive access to the ASI support forum, an online portal designed to be a quick and convenient way to submit requests, get training, and stay connected.

Discuss flexible up-front or pay-as-you-go support packages with our knowledgeable business development team to get the long-term service coverage that benefits you the most.