Autonomous Tractor Concept The Future of Farming is Coming

Tandem Field Coverage Operate Multiple Coordinated Farm Vehicles Smoothly

Obstacle Detection Sensing and Perception Detects a Wide Range of In-Field Obstacles

Orchard & Vineyard Synchronized Automated Row Coverage

The Future of Farming

The Day The Farm Changed

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Farming can be a dangerous industry to work in due to inherent risks of working with large equipment and other environmental factors. This technology will enhance the level of saftey in farming.

Obstacle Detection

Obstacle detection technology, using a complete sensing and perception package, allows vehicles to ensure that obstacles or obstructions in the tractor's path are detected and avoided.

Autonomous or Manned

With this technology a farmer is able to operate the autonomous tractor manned or unmanned. The autonomous tractor can work together with other manned machinery.

Tandem Field Coverage

Multiple machines, manned or unmanned can operate in a field to accomplish tasks efficiently. Varying implements may be used to coordinate tilling and planting in one simple process.

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Historic Working Relationship with CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial is the leader in innovative farming equipment. Their equipment includes advanced machine controls that make the integration of ASI's robotic technology for autonomous control a smooth process. ASI brings 16 years of robotic farming development experience together with CNH Industrial’s advanced machine controls to develop innovative new technologies and capabilities. ASI is thrilled to work with CNH Industrial to continue to develop future precision agriculture and autonomous farming technologies.

Non-Stop, 24-hour Operation Of Autonomous Farming Equipment

Autonomous tractor technology will address the growing concern of labor shortages while also increasing productivity and efficiencies bringing higher yields. The technology will allow for true 24-hour, round the clock operations and a farmer will be able to manage their operation from their home office or on a tablet on the go.

Broad Acre Coverage

Advanced path-generating algorithms in Mobius calculate the most efficient area coverage pattern for a field taking into account the type of task, vehicle, size of implements, number of vehicles in the field, implement turn radius, and more.

Two or more farming vehicles can coordinate on an area coverage task in a single field or can be operated simultaneously in completely separate fields.

Convert to Robotic Control

Leverage hardware, software, and sensors to create a seamless autonomous system.



Nav coordinates vehicle and implement controls with the tasks assigned to it and relays vital communications between the server and vehicle.



Make an automated farm a safer place with Vantage? obstacle detection and avoidance. Equip robotic farm vehicles with the ability to see and safely react to unexpected hazards.



Experience the world's most advanced command & control software system for unmanned vehicles. Manage multiple robotic farm vehicles with a single operator to improve productivity and safety.

How it works

How it works

Each unmanned farm vehicle is equipped with a series of hardware and software components that permit a user to toggle between manual and robotic control. The components work with the existing by-wire, mechanical, or hydraulic control system and link vehicles to a central command station, allowing a single operator to simultaneously manage multiple vehicles throughout a farm operation.

Full Farm Automation

We make the tools you use every day safer and more productive.



Forge? leverages a skid steer base and multiple attachments to make robotic farming more flexible and affordable. Forge's thin frame is especially effective for tasks in narrow spaces.

Compact Tractor

Compact Tractor

Compact tractors specialize in fitting between the narrow rows of orchard, vineyard, and other specialty crop operations. Farm automation allows specialty crop growers to improve productivity and safety.



For broad acre and row crop operations, growers need multiple, larger tractors, combines, or other vehicles. With farming automation, these growers can experience economies of scale as they coordinate multiple unmanned vehicles.

Overcome Labor Shortages

A 2012 study by the California Farm Bureau Federation reported that 71% of labor-intensive specialty crops growers experience labor shortages, leaving 1 in 5 unable to finish their harvest*. ASI farm automation technology helps overcome paralyzing labor shortages while improving productivity and safety.
* Walking the Tightrope: California Farmers Struggle with Employee Shortages. California Farm Bureau Federation Agricultural Employment Survey Results—November, 2012.

Labor Shortages