ASI Successfully Delivers Two Autonomous Target Vehicles To Luke AFB

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LOGAN, UTAH—January 26, 2009. Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI), a developer and manufacturer of autonomous vehicle systems, today announced final delivery and acceptance of two unmanned target vehicles to the U.S. Air Force Range Management Office at Luke Air Force Base.

Additional unmanned target systems have been installed by ASI at Nellis Air Force Base—Nevada Test & Training Range (NTTR), Fort Polk, and on other similar military installations.

Luke Air Force Base plans to utilize these high speed, unmanned ground target vehicles for training scenarios in air-to-ground combat. The two targets are autonomously controlled by ASI’s Mobius™ command and control software and command station, which is located more than 50 miles away from the operating vehicles. Tow-able skids will be pulled behind the target vehicles equipped with scoring systems that will be used in the training exercise for fighter pilots.

Both SUV target vehicles have been equipped with modular autonomous kits including swappable components that may be changed out in the event that parts become damaged during live-fire training exercises.

For this delivery, ASI has implemented new vehicle auto calibration technology and a newly redesigned modular vehicle control unit which reduces the overall maintenance requirements of the vehicles. The new modular autonomous kit designed with automatic calibration allows much easier damaged part replacement, and also allows customers to move module components to other fleet vehicles in a matter of a few hours.

This installation also comes standard with ASI’s industry leading JAUS compliant command and control software, Mobius. This software will enable Luke Air Force Base to send vehicles simultaneously on realistic missions that are created easily through Mobius.

Although paths and missions can be created to be as complex as desired, the software continues to meet U.S. Air Force performance safety standards for these unmanned systems. Proprietary proximity monitoring technology detects known objects and other target vehicles in the area and automatically controls the vehicles to maintain safety in the operating environment.

“It's exciting to see that more and more training facilities are choosing to utilize our Mobius software coupled with our ground vehicle automation kits to create the kind of realistic exercises needed to better prepare our troops in the air and on the ground,” said Mel Torrie, CEO of Autonomous Solutions.